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Pattern Release and **SALE**

My Facebook giveaway was a success- some really great prizes were given away and we got the word out about some awesome pages. My birthday was on the 12th and I had planned to do a pattern sale in celebration of it but because there was already so much going on I decided to hold off for a little while- until things calmed down a little bit.

In waiting a little while to run the sale, I also had time to finish up a couple of patterns I’d been working on,  the ones inspired by Toopy & Binoo (Fabulous Mouse and Quiet Cat, I call them).  You’ve seen them before, I posted them in my “Making” Friends post, but now the patterns are finally available.

The patterns are available individually as well as in value packs (The Best Buddies Duo Pack with just Fabulous Mouse and Quiet Cat and The Fabulous Friends Combo Pack with Fabulous Mouse, Quiet Cat and Patches).  There are a few dollars to be saved if they’re all purchased together but for the next few days I have all the patterns in my Ravelry and Craftsy shops on sale for 30% off during my Very Merry UN-Birthday Sale!


A very happy bunch!

The Fabulous Friends Combo Pack


The Whole Knit & Caboodle 2500 Fan Giveaway!

It’s still Sunday here in beautiful BC Canada but it’s Monday morning Eastern time which means my giveaway is now open!

Please stop by and browse through the album on my Facebook page to browse through over 60 amazing vendors who have made this giveaway possible.  I’ll be adding a couple prizes of my own shortly!

I’m so proud to have some of my favourite vendors on board as well as a few that I’ve only just discovered that have some awesome things to offer.

I hope you’ll enter to win some great stuff as well as drop by some of these pages to say hello!

Have fun!

The Whole Knit & Caboodle 2500 Fan Giveaway!


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Happy June!

I can’t believe it’s June already!

It’s going to be a busy month at The Whole Knit & Caboodle-  I have so much planned for YOU, my fabulous fans!

I had been waiting for my facebook page to reach 2500 fans before starting my first multi vendor giveaway but I’m nearly there and I’ve had vendors lined up for a while- they’re excited for it to start!  Watch for Monday’s post outlining all the details!

I’ll be releasing my Toopy and Binoo (Fabulous Mouse and Quiet Cat) ami patterns very soon- testing is wrapping up and I’m waiting on photos from my photographer to include with the patterns.  The patterns will be available individually as well as in combo packs to save you a few dollars. 🙂

In celebration of my 30th (eek!) birthday, I’ll be putting all of the patterns in my Ravelry and Craftsy stores on sale for a week sometime after the giveaway closes and things slow down a little bit.  I’ll call it my “Very Merry Unbirthday Sale” because with so much going on around my birthday I think it might be a little much to have a sale as well (don’t want to get too “spammy” on the ol’ Facebook page).

I’m also hoping to have my Etsy shop up and running by the end of the month.  Not only will you be able to buy patterns there, I’ll be listing lots of handmade items as well!

Throw in a baby shower, a couple of birthday parties and I’ve got a full calendar!  It’s good to stay busy though- idle hands and all that.. haha.


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