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Homemade Building Blocks

My friend Tanya over at HodgePodge Crochet made some super amazing building blocks for her kids by cutting up a couple of pool noodles.  Genius, right?  Super soft, budget friendly and QUIET!!

My daughter had a noodle in her closet she kept taking out and trying to swat things with (the cats, pictures on the wall- it was getting out of hand, really).  Instead of just taking it away from her I remembered Tanya’s post and decided to do something (destructively) constructive with it.  I cut it into 1 1/2″ pieces (and cut some in half again for some different pieces).  My girl LOVED them, can you tell?




To make your own, carefully cut your noodle with a serrated knife.  Easy Peasy!  Thanks to Tanya for the great idea!

On an unrelated note, remember a while back I said I was going to get my licence in 2013?  I got it today!  I just had to share 😉



Check it out!

Not too long ago I commissioned a very talented friend of mine to draw a picture for me to use on my blog and Facebook page.  I crochet more than I knit but because I’m “The Whole Knit and Caboodle” I asked him to draw me with knitting needles.  I’ve been aware of his talent for a long time now but I’m ALWAYS impressed with what he comes out with.  This one looks just like me!

Whoo! It’s me!

I showed it to one of my girlfriends and she suggested my husband get it as a tattoo.. his very own pinup girl!  He wasn’t so hot on the idea.  “Nothing a bottle of ether and a tattoo artist willing to work on an unconscious guy won’t fix!!” was my friend’s response.  Ha!  I love my friends.

Seriously though.  If you find yourself with an extra moment or two, head over and visit my friend David Cutler.  He’s amazingly talented and super funny (AND is taking commissions- you could have an awesome picture of your very own!!)

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Craft Show Update

My craft show today didn’t go as well as I’d hoped.  I was up until 4am this morning feverishly working on hats so I would have enough stock to bring with me and the only thing I sold was a pair of slippers.  To my father-in-law.  Haha.  Have I mentioned that I LOVE my inlaws?

Despite the lack of sales, it really wasn’t a bad day!  A wonderful friend of mine took the day off so she could help me out and keep me company, I had lots of visits from other friends, I bought a cute little belt for my daughter (for some reason pants don’t fit her properly in the waist and she ends up waddling around like a penguin with her pants halfway to the ground unless I hike them up every 15 seconds), cupcakes for my husband (which he so kindly shared with me, even though I told him he didn’t have to) and a microwaveable heating bag for myself (leopard print- how posh! haha).  The day ended with a trip to the mall to buy myself an Audrey Hepburn-esque dress and the cutest pair of shoes.

Another reason I can’t call the craft show a total bust is I ended up getting a ton of business from it.  I’ve had so many people visit my facebook page and/or place orders- I’m going to be a busy lady for a while!  I can usually get two or three hats done in a day so I don’t think I’ll have too much of a problem keeping up but this Christmas season is going to fly by.  Before I know it we’ll be into January and I’ll be wondering where November and December went!


Insert clever “first blog entry title” here

1 am.  Can’t sleep.  Instead of taking something to help me fall asleep and going back to bed, I do what anyone in my situation would do: I get up, crochet a couple of hats and oh yeah- I buy a domain name and start a blog.  Seems rational.  I’ve actually been meaning to do this for a little while and since I actually bit the bullet and bought the domain name maybe I’ll be more likely to update.

I’m one of those annoying “everything” crafters who dabbles in everything and finds inspiration everywhere.  I have an alllmost 2 year old who makes me laugh every day so you’re likely to see a story or two about her here too.

You’ll get to see what I’m working on, get news of newly released patterns and who knows- maybe have the opportunity to enter a contest or two!

Well, it’s after 3 am now and 7 comes early!  Thanks for visiting!

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