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on November 5, 2012

Not too long ago I commissioned a very talented friend of mine to draw a picture for me to use on my blog and Facebook page.  I crochet more than I knit but because I’m “The Whole Knit and Caboodle” I asked him to draw me with knitting needles.  I’ve been aware of his talent for a long time now but I’m ALWAYS impressed with what he comes out with.  This one looks just like me!

Whoo! It’s me!

I showed it to one of my girlfriends and she suggested my husband get it as a tattoo.. his very own pinup girl!  He wasn’t so hot on the idea.  “Nothing a bottle of ether and a tattoo artist willing to work on an unconscious guy won’t fix!!” was my friend’s response.  Ha!  I love my friends.

Seriously though.  If you find yourself with an extra moment or two, head over and visit my friend David Cutler.  He’s amazingly talented and super funny (AND is taking commissions- you could have an awesome picture of your very own!!)


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