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Farmyard Friends Pattern Release!

About a month ago the pink yarn in my yarn stash was calling my name.  I decided that I needed to make a pig ami that looked like a piggy bank.  Later that evening a pig was born!

Because the patterns I write are often customer requests, my allllllmost 3 year-old daughter doesn’t usually get the first finished item from any specific pattern.  I tucked the pig away and decided I would give it to her the net morning.

Well.  She was in LOVE!  The very first thing she did when I gave it to her was turn it around so he was facing her and rub his nose on her nose.  Then she turned him over on his back and tickled his tummy.  “Oh mommy!  I wuv um!!” she kept saying.  It was seriously one of the cutest things I’ve ever been witness to.

I decided that the pig (who I named Hamlet– blame the English Lit nerd in me) needed some friends.  Before too long I had added a sheep (Lanolin), a horse (Charlie), a cow (Havarti), a chicken (Scratch) and a duck (Quackers).  They’re all soft, fat little animals, perfect for little hands.

Yesterday saw their debut on Ravelry and Craftsy and they’ve received quite a warm welcome!  I’m so proud to see these little guys going of into the crochet world!  What do you think of them?

Farmyard Friends patterns, available on Ravelry and Craftsy now!

Farmyard Friends patterns, available on Ravelry and Craftsy now!

The patterns are available individually for $3.50 each or all 6 patterns for $15.00.  That’s only $2.50 a pattern!  You can grab your copy/copies in my Craftsy Store or my Ravelry Store!

Aside from the pattern release, I’ve got more awesomely amazing news to share!  I’ve got a tutorial in the Fall Issue of Too Yarn Cute eMagazine!  They were looking for someone to do a tut last minute so I expanded on my mattress stitch tutorial- you can now learn how to quickly and easily join clothing panels and afghan blocks- and it’s exclusively available in the fall issue of the eMag.

Along with my tutorial, there are *23* different crochet patterns from some of the most talented designers out there!  There are great articles, a featured designer- all for $4.99!  When is the last time you got 23 patterns for less than $5?

I got my copy, you can grab yours here:
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Pattern Release and **SALE**

My Facebook giveaway was a success- some really great prizes were given away and we got the word out about some awesome pages. My birthday was on the 12th and I had planned to do a pattern sale in celebration of it but because there was already so much going on I decided to hold off for a little while- until things calmed down a little bit.

In waiting a little while to run the sale, I also had time to finish up a couple of patterns I’d been working on,  the ones inspired by Toopy & Binoo (Fabulous Mouse and Quiet Cat, I call them).  You’ve seen them before, I posted them in my “Making” Friends post, but now the patterns are finally available.

The patterns are available individually as well as in value packs (The Best Buddies Duo Pack with just Fabulous Mouse and Quiet Cat and The Fabulous Friends Combo Pack with Fabulous Mouse, Quiet Cat and Patches).  There are a few dollars to be saved if they’re all purchased together but for the next few days I have all the patterns in my Ravelry and Craftsy shops on sale for 30% off during my Very Merry UN-Birthday Sale!


A very happy bunch!

The Fabulous Friends Combo Pack