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A fun pumpkin to carve, this was.

When I have a long list of things that I should be doing, the last thing I want to do is ANYTHING on that list.  That definitely seems to be the case with me today!  I have a craft/gift show coming up on November 3 (my very first one!) and a book to read for book club tomorrow night and what did I do instead?  I carved a pumpkin.  Not something that should be crazy high on my priority list but something I look forward to doing every year.  I’m really happy with the way it turned out!

It seems our theme this Halloween is Star Wars.  I’ve never been a huge fan but my husband LOVES it and asked me to make our daughter (who is almost 2) a Princess Leia costume.  Hubby has taken the day off from work but wants to go in to work to show off our “mini Leia” so I thought I would make hats for he and I as well- a Yoda one for myself and an R2D2 hat for him.  Our hats still need to be assembled but they’re stitched up at least.

Before the Star Wars plan came together, I was going to do a Where the Wild Things Are pumpkin.  Maybe next year.  There were a few different Star Wars designs but I went for Yoda (he seemed easier than the Death Star but more challenging than the Darth Vader ones I saw).  Here’s how he turned out:

I’m a total nerd, I couldn’t wait until it was dark out to take the picture. You get the idea though.

I’ll add some better photos when we come back from trick or treating! 🙂

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