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Homemade Building Blocks

My friend Tanya over at HodgePodge Crochet made some super amazing building blocks for her kids by cutting up a couple of pool noodles.  Genius, right?  Super soft, budget friendly and QUIET!!

My daughter had a noodle in her closet she kept taking out and trying to swat things with (the cats, pictures on the wall- it was getting out of hand, really).  Instead of just taking it away from her I remembered Tanya’s post and decided to do something (destructively) constructive with it.  I cut it into 1 1/2″ pieces (and cut some in half again for some different pieces).  My girl LOVED them, can you tell?




To make your own, carefully cut your noodle with a serrated knife.  Easy Peasy!  Thanks to Tanya for the great idea!

On an unrelated note, remember a while back I said I was going to get my licence in 2013?  I got it today!  I just had to share 😉