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Gotta catch ’em all!

Phew!  Less than two weeks from Christmas and I’m still hard at it!  I still have lots of orders but I know I’ll have them all finished in time.  I’m very lucky to have so many trusting (and patient!) customers.  I’ve been crocheting/knitting so much that my hands/arms/shoulders are sore but there’s no rest for the wicked right?

I don’t think I’ve watched an episode of Pokémon since I was a teenager and was babysitting kids who watched the show but I was asked to make a couple of Pokémon hats- a Pliplip (penguin) and a Teddiursa (bear).  Don’t ask me what they do because I honestly couldn’t tell you.  I’m very pleased with how they turned out though.

With most of my character hats, I do the faces in appliqué.  This is what makes them look so clean.  It takes more time but it appeases my OCD.. haha.

Gotta catch 'em all!  (And yes, I googled that.. haha)

Gotta catch ’em all! (And yes, I googled that.. haha)

This order will result in two happy little girls with very warm heads this Christmas! 🙂

Other than orders there’s just been a lot of the usual- tree decorating, card addressing, gingerbread house decorating.. although I think “On Top of the Microwave Dive” is a bad area of town, one of the gingerbread men has gone missing  (perhaps he was enjoyed with a glass of eggnog) you’ll be seeing his face on little gingerbread milk cartons before too long!


My latest triumph!

You know, sometimes the projects you dread most are the ones you end up being most proud of.  I have so many orders lined up and a couple of them were for items I haven’t come up with patterns for.  When I first started making hats, I bought a lot of patterns.  As I grew to really understand my craft I started working out my own.  I still use the other patterns but it’s definitely a proud feeling when you come up with one of your own.

I had a couple of orders for Lightning McQueen hats and because I’m so busy I was going to buy a pattern.  I didn’t really see anything I was excited about so I bit the bullet and wrote my own pattern.  The notes I made are barely legible so I’ll have to type them out properly when things slow down a bit.  I’ll send it for testing and it should be for sale in my craftsy shop in the New Year.  I’m pretty happy with him, what do you think?