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Design Wars 6 Final Reveal!

Is it just me or has this round of Design Wars gone by in a flash?  It’s probably because I was a challenger, but wow!

Yesterday all of the final designs were revealed and though I had seen most of them before the reveal, but it really hit me that the breadth of talent in this round is really amazing!  There really is something for everyone in this round.

My daughter was the inspiration for my design; I have a really cute photo of her from a couple of Christmases ago, dressed up like she was making cookies.  I swapped the cookies out for cupcakes but the rest of the design is pretty close.  Here are the shots I took for the reveal:


Cupcake, anyone?

Cupcake, anyone?


Patty Cake, the Baker Girl

Patty Cake, the Baker Girl


Now that the designs have been revealed, voting is open!  Head on over to the Design Wars Blog to see the rest of the amazing designs and vote for your favourites in a number of categories.  While you’re there, make sure you enter to win a fabulous prize pack from Red Heart Yarns!  You can vote every day, so make sure you stop back again and again!

If you’re interested in any of the patterns from this round, they will all go on sale on Ravelry starting March 12th.  Check out the newlsetter for coupon codes!

I would really like to thank Red Heart Yarns for sponsoring this round.  With Love is a wonderfully soft yarn to work with;  I’ll buy it again for sure!  Big thanks to Salena Baca from Baca Creations for hosting another amazing round and thank-you to all of the amazing challengers I shared this round with.  Even though we were up against each other, the respect and support everyone had for everyone else was really amazing.  Maybe you’d like to stop by their fan pages say hello and congratulate them on an amazing round!

Sincerely Pam

Crazysocks Designs

A Crocheted Simplicity

Rohn Strong 

Luz Patterns

One and Two Company


Frayed Knot



The YARN Has Landed!

Who’s excited about Design Wars 6?  THIS lady, right here!  Want to know what makes it even more exciting?  I got my DW yarn today!!

I’m no stranger to Red Heart With Love.  It’s a soft, durable acrylic yarn and it’s available in lots and lots of  rich colours.  The skeins are generous in size (7 ounces 370 yds/338 m) and am I weird when I say that the black labels with the gilded lettering make me feel extra fancy??

Bonus points to Red Heart because not only WEREN’T the centre pulls hidden in the abyss of each skein, they were waiting for me just outside the skein as if to say “We’re ready, let’s DO this!”

Here are some shots of the loveliness:

Yeah, I took it for a drive in my car.  Don't judge me.

Yeah, I took it for a drive in my car. Don’t judge me.


Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love, Love <3

LOVE x 7!


LOVE With Love!

LOVE “With Love”!


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Sarah 🙂