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Just call me “Twinkle Toes”

on January 6, 2013

Along with the diamond earrings I’ve been (not-so-subtly) hinting about since we got together almost 7 years ago (!!  I was SO stunned and excited!), my husband bought me this awesome little nail polish kit- the Ciaté Mini Mani Month.  It’s a box that looks like an advent calendar and behind each door is a different mini nail polish (so cute!).  I think he really likes going into The Bay and buying things like that for me.  One year he bought me a Christian Dior makeup palette and it was one of my favourite gifts that year!  It might be that he likes to step outside of his comfort zone and into the woman’s realm of potions, powders and lotions- It could also be that he loves being fawned over by the girls at the cosmetics counter at the department store.. haha.

In any case.. I love this little set and I foresee a purchase of a couple full-sized bottles in my future!  It’s a nice polish, the colours I’ve tried have covered well and have been easy to remove.  One of the coolest things about the kit though is that it comes with four bottles of these tiny, multi-coloured metallic beads they call “Caviar Pearls”.  I painted my toenails this evening and used the caviar pearls only on my big toes.

Ciaté "Cutie Pie" with "Prom Queen" Caviar Pearls

Ciaté “Cutie Pie” with “Prom Queen” Caviar Pearls

This is the best photo I could get with the terrible light from the lamp.  The caviar pearls are really quite sparkly!  I might try them on my fingernails next.  I’m not sure if they’ll be really amazing or really annoying- we’ll see if they pass the crochet test 😉

Well I guess I should toddle back to bed.  I hope everyone had a great New Year and I’m sure 2013 has many, many wonderful things in store.  I have some really great projects to post in the next little while so keep your eyes open for them!


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